New Abstract Paintings

I had a lot going on lately, so i wasn’t able to update the blog ( or my YouTube channel) much. However, here are a few new abstract paintings, i’ve been working on.

More of my originals can be found HERE

I also posted a new YouTube video ( very short, but hopefully helpful) where i show you how to make 4 easy abstract backgrounds for your art journal. For my the starting point of any art journal page is the background. Once i know how that’s going to look like, i create the page from there.

Hopefully some of you will find it inspiring! I use basic supplies, but you can change them up and customize it however you like!


Abstract Painting Timelapse

Hi everyone!

Here is a new video where i paint an abstract landscape in oils! I didn’t paint abstracts for a few weeks since i’ve been doing other projects but now my schedule is clear so i can go back to painting!

If you are based in Europe, you can buy prints of this work (and more) HERE

And you can also buy my originals (for USA, Canada, Australia and part of Europe) from my ETSY SHOP

Thank you for watching!

Skull Pencil Drawing with Gold Foil

Today i’m trying a new (to me) technique – gold foil application on a background. I made this pencil drawing o f a human skull and i decided i wanted to try to apply gold foil to the background after i finished the drawing.

This was not as hard as i imagined, though i did run into some problems keeping a neat edge between the foil and the drawing. I used a precision knife to cut the foil following the drawing’s edge ( very gently not to cut into the paper, but the foil cuts very easily with little pressure), then i scraped off any foil that didn’t cut off (because the foil is so fine it can rip easily) and i filled in any gaps with little pieces of foil giving it a precise edge around the drawing.

Here is the finished piece & the demo video!

I hope you like it – leave any questions or comments below and i’ll do my best to answer!

TV Feature

I’m very happy to announce that this month one of my paintings was featured in the Season 10 of Weer verliefd op je huis on VTWonen

The episode is in Dutch, but for those of you who are interested, you can click on the link above to watch it 🙂

I want to thank the stylist Fietje who chose my work for this episode and also the people at Werk aan de Muur for taking care of the details 🙂

This is my original painting ” Forest Walk ” – available for sale here

“Forest Walk”

Click here for prints of this painting and also read more about the episode and find more of my work here

Pastel Painting DEMO

In this video i am using Sennelier oil pastels to paint this cute little piglet!

This was a fun challenge from a friend and fellow artist, since i don’t usually paint animals. I think it turned out alright considering my lack of practice with this type of subject.

I hope you enjoy, please subscribe to my channel for more painting / drawing / crafting videos and leave any questions you might have in the comment box!

Chameleon Pens Try Out

I used the Chameleon markers to create this watercolor-like painting!

Usually, i would use markers for illustrations, coloring in stamped images or coloring books, but i recently bought some of the Chameleon Color Tones and i wanted to see if i could do something different with them.

I also used some alcohol for the background.

I hope you enjoy the process video!

Pen & Ink Drawings – new

I am drawing more and more in pen & ink and here are a few of my newest works!

I am experimenting with the amount of details, trying to create some very detailed works and some simple ones too. Not sure which style i prefer yet, but definitely the amount of time i need to put in a drawing is a factor.