Easter Cards

I’m experimenting with different card making techniques and i wanted to share a few Easter cards i just made!

I’ll be participating in a craft fair in February so i’m starting to build up my stock 🙂 Cards are a very popular item at fairs!

For the card i am demonstrating in the video, i used a simple blending technique similar to applying makeup ( i think! i don’t know much about makeup!). You don’t need any special blenders, ink dusters, etc

I am using a regular acrylic brush and my mini ink pads. Make sure your brush is DRY and wipe it on a dry paper towel when changing colors!

This will save your ink pads from cross-contamination!



Art Journal Page – Crows

I am starting a new art journal in 2019, and here is one of the first pages!

This is a mixed media project using Gelatos, Paper-Artsy Infusions and stamping.

The stamps can be found here: http://www.lost-coast-designs.com/new.html

I hope you enjoy and check out my video for this project!

Koh-I-Noor Magic Pencils Review

I had a set of the Koh-I-Noor Magic Tri-Tone pencils in my stash for a while and i finally got around to use them.

Here is the swatch and how they look, i have them sorted by the number on the barrels, but they come in a different order out of the box.

I found that these pencils do not blend as good as others ( such as the professional pencils) , even though they do take a few layers before the paper is saturated.

For this reason, i think it’s best to use them to sketch or for drawings where you can use the pencil’s transitioning lead to your advantage. In my example they worked perfect to create the colorful feathers of the bird and the color changing of the leads helped achieve the look of many layers with only 2-3 layers.

In my opinion this is probably the intended purpose and not to apply them as you would a Prismacolor or Polychromos pencil, these are not great for a drawing with lots of fine detail where you need to blend and layer a lot.

However, they are PERFECT for colorful, bright quick drawings such as floral, birds and even landscapes.

I like the color range they come in, they cover every shade you need for all of the above subjects.

The pencils are very thick, triangular shaped, they have good grip but it’s hard to keep a fine tip and that’s why i think they are not very suitable for detailing.

The only MAJOR downside to these pencils, is finding a sharpener to sharpen them! The set i have ( 23+1 pencils) does not come with a sharpener and even though i have a stack of various size sharpeners i couldn’t find one that works with them. The triangular barrel definitely doesn’t make it easier. Either the sharpener is too big, too small or the tip doesn’t reach the blade due to the shape of the barrel.

I emailed the company to ask if they carry a sharpener for these pencils, but got no reply. If i do i’ll make sure to update you all here!

So in conclusion :

The Koh-I-Noor Magic Multicolored Pencils are a fun, novelty art supply, the price is affordable ( $30 or around there ), they work nice for sketching, quick drawings and because the color of the lead changes as you draw they create a really interesting effect.

If you are looking for something new to draw / color with then i would definitely give them a try!

I enjoyed using them, and i will make more drawings using these pencils in the future!

Here is the video of my drawing:

Kingfisher Drawing and Caran D’Ache Fountain Pen Review

I recently bought this cute Caran D’Ache fountain pen, mostly because i wanted to try drawing with a fountain pen and also because it was the only affordable Extra Fine nib pen they had in the store 🙂

The pen is in the $50 price range, but i got it on sale for a little less. I tried out a few other pens in the shop, but i thought out of all of them the Caran D’Ache 849 had the thinnest line and the it was budget friendly!

I also picked up some refills for it, the Chromatics Cosmic Black ink from Caran D’Ache. It’s a really black ink and it was cheap! Plus i think it’s better to use the same brand refills.

The pen comes in a simple red box, nothing fancy, but for less than $50 that’s ok!

Thy have a variety of colors, but i picked up this fluo pink since it was the Extra Fine nib one.

I made a comparison with other fineliners i normally use and i think it’s somewhere close to the Micron 0.4, but finer. The ink flow is great even when held at different angles. I also love the nib , it’s not scratchy and seems quite sturdy!

The weight with the cap on is perfect for drawing, it’s not too heavy or too light and feels comfortable to hold. I personally prefer to use it with the cap on because it’s longer and has more weight.

Overall, my honest opinion is that this pen is worth the price, it’s a good choice for sketching and drawing ( i guess for writing too 🙂 , and i would recommend it as a budget friendly fountain pen. The ink is also really pigmented and comes in a pack of 6 refills for around $5.

Here is the drawing i made using this pen and a Uni Pin Fine Line 0.03 ( my favorite so far!)

Hare Drawing

Hello friends! I wanted to share another pen & ink drawing and also a YouTube video ( my second video ever!) of me drawing it!

I am still learning how to film properly ( i usually go out of frame or twist my paper too much 🙂 – and how to edit the video afterwards, so please bare with me! Practice makes perfect!

The photo reference is courtesy of Ray Brown wildlife photographer. Thank you for allowing me to use this image!

Here is his website – https://raybrownwildlifephotography.com

And now to the video part 🙂