Sketchbook Tour & Inktober 2019 Drawings

If you would like to see some of my sketches, including a few of my 2019 Inktober entries, check out this video! I hope you enjoy!

Easy Drawings with Pencils

Here are a few easy drawings i made using the Koh-I-Noor set of 24 graphite pencils. I tried these for the first time and as a first impression i like the H range (to 10H) but it’s too bad they don’t have a wider B range as well.

There are a few duplicates in the set (HB, 2B, 6B), i think they could’ve added a 9B and 10B instead.

The H’s are definitely more scratchy than the Mars Lumocolor that i typically use.

I couldn’t find any major plus or minus’s to add so i would say in my opinion this is an average set, for the price you definitely get a decent range of pencils to get you started with graphite (or just to add to your collection šŸ™‚

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Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, but i’ve been busy with all sorts of projects (art & non-art related). I managed to find some time to participate in this year’s Inktober challenge, however only for about half of it.

I ran out of patience and i had better things to do at the end of the line šŸ™‚

Maybe i’ll complete it next year!

Here’s one of my drawings for Day 12, i am posting this because, as you may see from my works already, i don’t do portraits often (or not at all for a while now) and i definitely did not ever post any.

So there is one i made using Inktense, colored pencils and markers.

Day 12 prompt was “Dragon” and you may (or may not šŸ™‚ recognize the person in this portrait G-Dragon from the group Big Bang.


Floral Impasto Paintings – Art for Sale

Here is a set of 6 ACEO paintings i made a while back.

They come as a set, each individual painting is matted and can be framed in a frame without glass.

ACEOs are tiny works of art to collect or trade that measure 2.5 X 3.5 inch. They look great in a frame ( fits in a standard 5×7″ frame and mat ) or you can store them in a trading card album.
These small paintings make a nice gift for an art lover and fit any budget! Also, a great way to start your collection of original art !

You can purchase this set and more of my ACEO’sĀ  HERE

Bird Watercolors

Here are some of my Bird watercolor paintings. Some of them are quite old (2-3 years) and some recent. Much of my art is inspired by birds and their freedom, so they are present in many paintings – abstract, realistic and everything in between šŸ™‚

Most of these paintings are ACEO format and are still available for sale.

To purchase or for any licensing / other questions please contact me!